AP Biology CHapters 12-16

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Which of the following are primarily responsible for cytokinesis in plant cells but not in animal cells?

Golgi- derived vesicles

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    WHy do chromosomes coil during miitosis?
    to allow the chromosomes to move without becoming entangled and breaking
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    Which of the following are required for motor proteins to function in the movement of chromosomes toward the poles of the mitotic spindle?
    ATP as an energy source
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    What is a clevage furrow?

    a groove in the plasma membrame between the daughter nuclei
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    WHich of the following proteins are involuntary in binary fission as well as eukaryotic mitotic division?
    actin and tubulin
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    WHat causes the decrease in the amount of cyclin at a specific point in the cell cycle?
    its destruction by a process initiated by the activity of its complex with a cyclin.
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    Which of the following is a protein synthesized at specific times during the cell cycle that associates with a kinase to form a catalytically active complex?
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    For a chemothereputic drug to be useful for treating cancer cells, which of the following is most desirable?
    It interferes with rapidly dividing cells
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    You have a series of cells, allof which were derived from tumors, and you first need to find out which ones are malignant? WHat could you do?
    Karyotype samples to look for unusual size and number of chromosomes
AP Biology CHapters 12 16
AP Biology CHapters 12-16
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