Microbiology - Notes for Exam 2

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What is oxidation?

The removal of an electron or electrons from a substance

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    What is reduction?
    The addition of an electron or electrons to a substance
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    Redox reactions tend to occur in what?
    Pairs. There are two half reactions
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    What is reduction potential, E(subscript)0'?
    The tendency to donate electrons, expressed as volts (V)
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    A reduced substance of a redox couple with a more negative E(subscript)0' donates electrons to what?
    The oxidized substance of a redox couple with a more positive E(subscript)0'
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    What is a redox tower?
    A chart that represents the range of possible reduction potentials. The oxidized substance at the top of the tower donates electrons while the reduced substance at the bottom of the tower accepts electrons. The farther the electrons "drop," the greater the amount of energy released
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    Redox reactions usually involve reactions between intermediates that are called what?
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    What is a redox couple?
    The constituents on each side of the arrow in half reactions (e.g., 2H+/H(subscript)2)
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    NAD+ and NADH facilitate redox reactions without being what?
    Consumed--they are recycled
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    Where is the chemical energy released in redox reactions primarily stored?
    In certain phosphorylated compounds (e.g., ATP, phosphoenolpyruvate--PPE, glucose 6-phosphate)
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    Long-term energy storage involves what?
    Insoluble polymers that can be oxidized to generate ATP. Examples of such in prokaryotes include: glycogen, poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate and other polyhydroxyalkanoates, and elemental sulfar
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    What are the two reaction series linked to energy conservation in chemoorganotrophs?
    Fermentation and respiration
Microbiology   Notes for Exam 2
Microbiology - Notes for Exam 2
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