week 3- interactionism

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example of mechanistic interactionism?

Mechanistic interactionism (Endler, 1983), derives from the concept of an interaction effect as itappears in certain statistical procedures. In mechanistic interactionism, a person’s trait constitutesone independent predictor, the situation constitutes a second independent predictor, and theinteraction between trait and situation constitutes a third predictor. The dependent variable, oroutcome to be predicted, is some form of measurable behavior. In such a study, a significant effectfor the trait–situation interaction indicates (a) that there exists a statistical tendency for the traitto be associated with the behavior when a particular level of the situation is involved, or similarly,(b) that there exists a tendency for the situation to be associated with the behavior when a particularlevel of the trait is involved.

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    What is Reciprocal Interactionism?
    Reciprocal Interactionism: While mechanistic interactionism partitions the variance in behavior into that statistically accountedfor by persons, situations, and their interactions, reciprocal interactionism conceives of a morefluid and complex pattern in which person, situation, and behavior continually and reciprocallyinfluence one another (Endler, 1983).
week 3  interactionism
week 3- interactionism
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