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what is the definition of a high performance airplane and what must you do to act as PIC of such an airplane?

a high performance airplane is an airplane an engine of more than 200 horsepower.

To act as PIC you must have:

- received and logged ground and flight training from an authorized flight instructor in a high performance airplane.

- received and logged a one-time endorsement in your logbook from an authorized instructor

one time endorsement is not required if training has been done prior to august 4, 1997

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  • john 1885
    Answered in private pilot
    what documents are required on broad an aircraft prior to flight?

    -Airworthiness Certificate
    -Registration Certificate (valid 3 years)
    -Radio license (valid 10 years)
    -Operating handbook
    -Weight and balance
  • john 1885
    Answered in private pilot
    how can a pilot determine if his aircraft is equipped with a mode c altitude encoding transponder?
    by check the current weight and balance equipment list.
  • john 1885
    Answered in private pilot
    When will an aircraft registration certificate expire?

    When any of the following occurs:

    - the aircraft is registered under the laws of a foreign country.

    - when the aircraft is totally destroyed or scrapped.

    - the ownership of the aircraft is transferred.

    - thirty days have elapsed since the death of the holder of the certificate.

    - the holder of the certificate loses united states citizenship.

    - the registration of the aircraft is canceled at the written request of the holder of the certificate.
  • john 1885
    Answered in private pilot
    who is responsible for ensuring that an aircraft is maintained in an airworthy condition?
    the owner or operator of an aircraft is primarily responsible for maintaining an aircraft in airworthy condition.
  • john 1885
    Answered in private pilot
    after aircraft inspections have been made and defect have been repaired, who is responsible for determining that the aircraft is in an airworthy condition?
    The PIC is responsible for determining if aircraft condition is safe for flight. and should discontinue the flight when unairworthy mechanical, electrical, or structural conditions occur.
  • john 1885
    Answered in private pilot
    What records or documents should be checked to determine that the owner or operator of an aircraft has complied with all required inspections and airworthiness directives?
    The maintenance records (aircraft and engine logbooks).
private pilot
private pilot
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