AP Psychology: Personality

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What is the behaviorist view on personality development?

Behaviorists believe that personalities develop as people interact with others in their environments. People develop personalities via the acceptance or rejection of certain behaviors.

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  • erin hays
    The psychologist Walter Mischel has strongly critiqued the idea of stable personality traits. How does he believe one's behavior is determined?
    purely situationally, with the situation determining behavior rather than set personality traits
  • erin hays
    What are the four basic types of personality disorders?
    schizoid, narcissistic, borderline, and antisocial
  • erin hays
    What are the characteristics of a narcissistic personality disorder?
    People with narcissistic personality disorder are characterized by feelings of grandeur, preoccupations with success, and constant need for attention. Despite these grand feelings, they also suffer from easily shattered self-esteem and are concerned with how others view them.
  • erin hays
    John is arrested for committing a series of crimes including battery, theft, arson, and attempted murder. He expresses no remorse for the crimes and lies easily about his involvement in them despite solid evidence that he committed them. What personality disorder best fits his profile?
    antisocial personality disorder
  • erin hays
    Dissociative personality disorder is characterized by what symptoms?
    the presence of two or more distinct personalities controlling a person's behavior (formerly known as multiple personality disorder)
  • erin hays
    True or false: A person who experiences depersonalization disorder becomes totally devoid or personality and enters a semi-catatonic state.
    False; A person who experiences depersonalization disorder feels detached from his or her own behaviors, experiencing them as if he or she is watching them from outside the body rather than actively participating.
AP Psychology  Personality
AP Psychology: Personality
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