Duvall's Developmental Stages of the Family

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Stage V: Families with Teenagers

Adolescents develop increasing autonomy.
Parents refouces on midlife marital and career issues.
Parents begin a shift toward concern for the older generation.

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    Stage VI: Families as Launching Centers
    Parents and young adults establish independent identities.
    Parents renegotiate marital relationships.
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    Stage VII: Middle-Aged Families
    Reinvest in couple indentity with concurrent development of independent interests.
    Realign relationships to include in-laws and grandchildren.
    Deal with disabilities and death of older generation.
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    Stage VIII: Aging Families
    Shift from work role to leisure and semiretirement of full retirement.
    Maintain couple and individual functioning while adapting to the aging process.
    Prepare for own death and dealing with the loss of spouse and/or sibilings and other peers.
Duvall s Developmental Stages of the Family
Duvall's Developmental Stages of the Family
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Eight developmental tasks of the family throughout its life span.
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