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Why would MONTGOMERY STRAPS be used?

Are used in situations that require frequent wound inspection or dressing changes.


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  • kayla stubler
    a preliminary test for cancer of the uterine cervix in which the cervix is painted with an aqueous solution of iodine and potassium iodide and which shows up healthy tissue by staining it brown and possibly cancerous tissue as white or yellow due to its failure to take up the stain because of a deficiency of glycogen in the cells What test is this?
    Schiller's test.
  • kayla stubler
    What instrument is this and what tray in it found in?
    Gelpi retractor and found in nero, gynecological or odstetrical trays.
  • kayla stubler
    Describe the MALECOT catherter:
    It a suprapubic catheter that is place through an opening of the abdominal wall they rely on the shape of the catheter to be retaine. Also known as winged tipped. Additionally the catheter may be secured with a nonaborbable suture and a drainage bag is always used.
  • kayla stubler
    A brief surgical procedure in which the cervix is dilated and a special instrument is used to scrape the uterine lining. What is this procedure called?
    D and C.
  • kayla stubler
    What instrument is this and what tray is it found in?
    Pennington tissue grasping forceps found in the general/major tray.
  • kayla stubler
    What is this and what tray is it found in?
    BABCOCK found in the general/major tray
  • kayla stubler
    What blades will fit on a #4 handle?
    #20-#24 blades.
  • kayla stubler
    What do you know about POLYGLACTIN 910?
    Is currently the most commonly used suture. It is a Mulifilament absorbable suture AKA VICRYL. Package color is violet Suture color is violet or undyed. Tissue reaction is minimal.
  • kayla stubler
    What instrument is the and what is it used for?
    Green thyroid retractor
  • kayla stubler

    What type of pressure does a PASSIVE DRAIN use?

    Air of fluids move from higher pressure to lower pressure.