Developmental Psychology Final Exam Prep

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define parallel play, associative play and cooperative play

parallel play- child plays near other children with similar materials but does not try to influence their behavior.

Associative play- children engage in seperate activities but exchange toys and comment on one another's behavior.

Cooperative play- a more advanced type of interaction. children orient toward a common goal such as acting out a make-believe theme.

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    Define Reversability
    the capacity to think through a series of steps and then mentally reverse direction, returning to the starting point.
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    Define elaboration

    creating a relationship, or shared meaning, between two or more pieces of information that do not belong in the same category.- occurs by the end of middle childhood.
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    describe the theory of middle intelligence
    defines intelligence in terms of distinct sets of processing operations that permit indviduals to engage in a wide range of culturally valued activities. Dismissing the idea of general intelligence.
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    describe industry vs. inferiority. At which stage is this common?
    Erikson's theory that the combination of adult expectations and children's drive towards mastery sets the stage for this conflict. This is the conflict of middle childhood. It is resolved positively when children develop a sense of competence at usefull skills and tasks.
Developmental Psychology Final Exam Prep
Developmental Psychology Final Exam Prep
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