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The Free online education site where educators and learners interested in academic achievement maximize the power of group learning. FunnelBrain was designed to allow learners working in teams to create academic review questions and answers, paired with video explanations, for any subject they want.

What We Do
FunnelBrain gives learners, parents and educators a new way to collaborate and learn online through a collection of academic questions and answers that are created, edited and organized by the team.
  • Work together to create education quizzes, flashcards and games for a class, a standardized exam, a school competition, a current event, a shared interest, or any educational project you wish - for free
  • Organize with Study Teams, Flashcard Decks, Practice Exams, and Social Learning Games (including FunnelBrain's KaBoom!, that can include all types of rich media such as photos, videos, and voice recordings
  • Challenge yourself with individual practice sessions or challenge your friends
  • FunnelBrain is a tool that works with any curriculum, supports any educational approach and aids in collaboration among students
  • Find Online Colleges, prepare for your degree and self-assess if you're ready for to pursue that degree
  • It's fun, it's free and learners will score higher on tests
Find Schools
Search for the right school and degree using our Find a School and Informed Choices search experience. At FunnelBrain we take helping you find the right school very seriously and further than other college search websites. That's because we realize that in order for you to choose the right school, you should start by finding the right major -- or at least knowing what it feels like to work with content relevant to your major. Click here to search colleges, find out more about FunnelBrain's 'Informed Choices', and learning access our in-depth degree review content.
Who Is It For?
We've created one of the Internet's most unique educational websites, so we wanted to make sure the intended users could afford to participate. That's why all the basic tools needed to improve test scores and increase class participation are free on FunnelBrain. And for those who are interested in structured curriculum, we also offer additional pay-for-use content.
  • Students that are preparing for all types of classes, exams and just want to improve their scores.
  • Expert Instructors that are leveraging collaborative study teams in and out of the classroom.
  • Primary, Secondary and Higher Education Institutions who want to offer their students a way to collaborate with other students and measure performance.
  • Adult Learners with demanding jobs looking to achieve their academic goals.
Need More?
If you would you like to find out how FunnelBrain can work for you or if you need more information, please contact us.